Event InformationEdit

Play event songs to gain event points which can earn you a variety of awards including special tickets to trade in the special ticket exchange for an AKB4 Group LIVE2 costume that comes with an unlockable background.. The event is split into multiple segments; point achievement reward, solo milestone rewards, event point ranking and high score ranking. You can also obtain a badge by completing the story available through the second option in the event banner.

Event SongsEdit

AKB48 - Aitakatta, Heavy Rotation, Kokoro no Placard
SKE48 - Pareo wa Emerald, Junjou Shugi, Coquettish Juutai Chuu
NMB48 - Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo, Zipper, Seishun no Laptime
HKT48 - Suki! Suki! Skip!, Idol no Ouja, Melon Juice


Score Achievement RewardEdit

At the end of the event, you will be rewarded with a reward of 10 special tickets if you reached the high score threshold needed to obtain the reward. Each mode has a separate score achievement.
Aitakatta - 1,200,000
Pareo wa Emerald - 850,000
Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo - 1,100,000
Suki! Suki! Skip! - 1,200,000

Milestone RewardsEdit

Earn event points during the event to gain rewards at specific milestones. After 200,000 event points, you will get a random reward every 20,000 points. This event's milestone rewards is shared across all 4 modes.

Event Point RewardsEdit


Badge unlocks through the "story"

450 - 1x Bronze Jersey (all modes)
900 - 5x tickets
1,300 - 1x Bronze Jersey (all modes)
1,800 - 300x hearts
2,500 - 1x special ticket
3,300 - 1x Bronze Jersey (all modes)
4,200 - 1x special ticket
5,000 - 5x tickets
6,000 - 1x Bronze Jersey (all modes)
7,000 - 500x hearts
8,000 - 2x special tickets
9,000 - 1x Bronze Jersey (all modes)
10,000 - 600x hearts
12,000 - 1x gem
14,000 - 10x tickets
16,000 - 2x special tickets
18,000 - 1x Silver Jersey (all modes)
20,000 - 800x hearts
25,000 - 1x Silver Jersey (all modes)
30,000 - 10x tickets
35,000 - 1x Silver Jersey (all modes)
40,000 - 1x gem
55,000 - 3x special tickets
60,000 - 1x Otoge R. ver (all modes)
65,000 - 900x hearts
70,000 - 1x Silver Jersey (all modes)
80,000 - 1x gem
90,000 - 3x special tickets
100,000 - 1x Silver Jersey (all modes)
110,000 - 4x special tickets
120,000 - 1,000x hearts
130,000 - 1x Silver Jersey (all modes)
140,000 - 2x gems
150,000 - 1x Otoge R. ver (all modes)
160,000 - 1x Gold Jersey (all modes)
180,000 - 5x special tickets
200,000 - 2x gems

Random RewardsEdit

Earned after 200,000 reward points
- 1x Bronze Jersey (all modes)
- 1x Silver Jersey (all modes)
- 1x Gold Jersey (all modes)
- 1x Otoge R. ver (all modes)
- 1~10x special tickets
- 100~3,000x hearts
- 1~30x tickets
- 1~3x gems

Ranking RewardsEdit

Event Point RankingEdit

During the event period, there will be a ranking for players to compete in with their amount of event points earned. After event ends, rewards will be distributed in accordance to your ranking.
1~30 - 10x gems, 60x special tickets, 5x Otoge R .ver
31~100 - 7x gems, 50x special tickets, 4x Otoge R .ver
101~300 - 5x gems, 40x special tickets, 3x Otoge R .ver
301~1,000 - 3x gems, 30x special tickets, 2x Otoge R .ver
1,001~5,000 - 2x gems, 20x special tickets, 1x Otoge R .ver
5,001~10,000 - 1x gem, 10x special tickets, 1x Otoge R .ver

High Score RankingEdit

During the event period, there will be ranking for players to compete in with their high score in the first event song (song bolded in the event songs section above) in each mode. Rank in top 1000 to obtain a AKB48グループLIVE2 costume of your oshimen with a special background. After event ends, rewards will be distributed in accordance to your ranking. There are also badges for ranking in the top 100, 500 and 3,000 in each mode.


Grouplive2 s

AKB48 Group Live2 S Costume

1~100 - 2x AKB48グループLIVE2 S, 6x Gold Jersey
101~300 - 1x AKB48グループLIVE2 S, 5x Gold Jersey
301~1,000 - 1x AKB48グループLIVE2 S, 4x Gold Jersey
1,001~2,000 - 3x Gold Jersey
2,001~5000 - 2x Gold Jersey
5,001~10,000 - 1x Gold Jersey

Notes - AKB48グループLIVE2 S comes already evolved
- To evolve AKB48グループLIVE2 S again, you need a double which can only be obtained through top 100
- The AKB48グループLIVE2 S given out at end of event will be of your oshimen

Special Ticket ExchangeEdit


AKB48 Group LIVE2 Costume

Special ticket exchange will be open until June 29th 12:59 JST. You can trade 10 tickets for a AKB48グループLIVE2 outfit that comes with a background. You can also trade for green jerseys for 2 tickets each. To unlock the background, obtain 300 intimacy on the costume.

Event Points Related InformationEdit

Full Combo Song PointsEdit

Easy - 480
Normal - 800
Hard - 1600
High Speed - 2400

Grade BonusEdit

By getting a higher rank in the event songs, you get a bonus % added to your event points gained from that song.
B Rank - +5% bonus
A rank - +15% bonus
S rank - +30% bonus
SS rank - +50% bonus

30% Costume Bonus:Edit

Event ishou

Event 30% Bonus Costumes

NMB48 - Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
HKT48 - Suki! Suki! Skip!​

15% Costume Bonus:Edit


Numbering 48 Costume

AKB48 - Numbering48
SKE48 - Numbering48
NMB48 - Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo B, Numbering48
HKT48 - Suki! Suki! Skip! B, Numbering48

Event Banner InformationEdit

- Click on the second rotating banner from the home screen
- On the left shows your event points, bottom left is how many special tickets you are currently holding and top right is how many event points till the next reward
- The 4 gold boxes at the lower right from left to right are:

- Rules and explanation of the event
- Story (finish the story to obtain a badge)
- Event point ranking
- Click on the top right blue box to access high score ranking​
- Rewards List​